Our supporters

Perspectives is a collective of charity organizations all working to improve the lives of children and adults living with disabilities in Saint Petersburg Russia. In addition to our Russian branch working and operating in Saint Petersburg, we have two other sister organizations in Germany and in Great Britain.

The German organization, Perspektiven e. V., is the original foundation, created by Margarete von der Borch in 1992. Von der Borch has received numerous German and international awards for the work she has done with the Perspectives organization. We do many shared events, conferences, fundraising, and exchange programs with our German partners.

In 2002 Caroline Goodhart and June Taylor formally established a UK wing of Perspectives to help with fundraising, raise awareness abroad, and explore new techniques of assisting children with special needs. We also work in close contact with our British partners.

Perspectives is a relatively small charity that is trying to combat an overwhelming problem. We have been fortunate to receive support from some of the biggest private companies (KPMG, Spar, Petrovich, etc.) and charities (the Naked Heart Foundation) in Russia, but our existence is a never-ending battle. Please join our supporters in helping us reach out a helping hand to those in need by donating to our cause 

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