Peterhof State Residential Institution

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At the Institution in Peterhof

Once children with developmental disorders living in the state orphanage reach 18 years of age they are moved to a psycho-neurological institution. These state institutions provide less individualized care than the orphanages their wards come from. Due to a lack of means, and an antiquated approach, state care facilities in this country are run at standards far from those of similar facilities in Europe and abroad. At Perspectives, we could not stand just abandoning our kids to the system once they turned 18, so, in 2000, we started a new program that followed our “graduates” from Pavlovsk to the psycho-neurological institution in Peterhof.

At this institution, people with special needs live their entire lives, and in this isolated and limited setting their needs, talents, and desires are neglected and left unfulfilled. Our work at Peterhof continues what we do with the kids in Pavlovsk in that we try our best to personalize the care given to them and provide them with the tools that will best help them grew as people and enjoy life. As part of the program, our employees and volunteers teach lessons, organize activities and games, plan and lead trips with the residents, and provide physical and emotional support. If we can awaken even the smallest desire for a resident to express themselves better, learn something new, become more active, connect with others, or develop a talent, it can make all the difference.