Our projects

The Saint Petersburg charitable organisation, Perspektivy, was registered in 1999 as a Russian partner of a German organisation, Perspektiven e.V., which started supporting disabled children in Saint Petersburg in 1996. Close and consistent cooperation with Perspektiven e.V. enables Perspektivy to help physically and mentally disabled children (Pavlovsk Programme), disabled adults (Peterhof Programme) and to support families bringing up a severely disabled child (Family Support Programme).

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The main goal of Perspektivy is to create suitable living conditions for severely mentally and physically disabled children, which are as similar as possible to the living conditions of ordinary people and, furthermore, to introduce them to and ensure that they become accustomed to their living environments once they have reached adulthood.

We also consider the sharing of the experience we made to be very important and are very much aware of the fact  that someone supporting disabled kids and adults shall never stop learning: from collegues, but also from kids themselves.

That why we've made our video tutorials for ones only starting that way: this is the comprehensive guide to the most essentials skills needed while supporting a severe disabled person.

And that's why we are always open for further projects on sharing the experience on that field. If you are interested, please write to Elisaveta Egorova: