Volunteering in Perspektivy, St.Petersburg

PERSPEKTIVY accepts volunteers and interns for programs to support people with physical and mental disabilities for a period of time from six to twelve months. For twenty years we have been working with volunteers from Germany, Poland, England, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Croatia, France, Panama and Spain. 

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Here you can find recommendations that will be helpful for you during the work.


Come and join our volunteer team!

Send your CV and motivation letter to



evs.pngIf you would like to come through EVS, you can send your CV and motivation letter to our EVS coordinator Anastasia Then we carry out a Skype interview. In case of positive interview results, you need to find a sending organization in your home country. Our programs mainly start from September 1.  We are looking forwards to EVS volunteers for projects from 6 to 12 months long.  


If you live in Germany and would like to have a Voluntary social year with us, please contact our German partners.

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Education internship

If you major fiend of studies is related to working with people with disabilities and you would like to organize your internship, please contact Anastasia

Where we work



Supported housing for disabled is a breakthrough movement in Russia. This project in the village Razdolye is the home for 8 adults with different impairments founded by Perspektivy. Most of the people here lived in a giant state institution previously...


Several reasons to become a volunteer and come to PERSPEKTIVY

  • *spend a year (or several months) meaningfully, to become a friend to our wards;

    1. *make new friends, learn Russian, eat blini (pancakes) and pies, learn how to cook borsch (beetroot soup), loose (or gain) weight, fall in love, give up, fall in love again, stop planning, travel by Trans-Siberian railway though out whole Russia, and then time comes to say goodbye and go back home, taking tons of wonderful memories back with you;

    • *make decisions for the future – where to go to study, what profession to choose, in what country to live;

    • *live and travel in the country of bears, snow and balalaikas. Understand, that Russia is a civilized country. Visit Pskov, Velikiy Novgorod, Vyborg, Moscow;

    • *feel the spirit of Russian culture and find out that although outside it could be dark and gloomy, inside we are friendly and warm hearted people.

If you have a strong desire to come, but aren’t sure which program to choose, please contact Anastasia